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Smiley's Orientation

This week on Thursday I had an orientation type thing for Smiley's clinc where I will be volunteering at. The supervisor went over what we will be doing and it actually sounds pretty cool. What happens is that the center for disease control and the clinic team up to fight asthma (a major problem in urban communities because of all the pollution). To see how effective they are, they analyze their patients records when they come in and see if their asthma is improving and if they are taking the right medicines and stuff. This is where we come in. We are going to be trained to look at charts and other medical information to see if the clinic and the patient are doing a good job to treat the asthma. At the orientation, the leader asked us to breath through slightly bent straws to show us how poeple with asthma have to breath all the time. We also watched a short movie that explains that showed what was physically happening in the body when someone has an asthma attack. Since we wont start training until the end of February (therefore I won't be able to actually volunteer until March), I'm going to have to volunteer somewhere else as well. I contacted Open-Arms and got a list of orienation days from them so I will be volunteering there as well. I'm not really looking forward to volunteering at both places because i already feel like i have so much to do already but I guess I'm going to have to do my best.


For me that would be incredibly frustrating to have to volunteer at both organizations. Although I am all for helping out those in need, it seems a bit much when I am sure you are probably take at least 14 to 15 credits if not more. This University often asks a lot of its students, which I am not at all saying it bad, all the courses are just very time consuming and if you are striving to do your best in every one of your classes the amount of hours put into studying is lengthy. My point is it would just be very hard, for myself anyway, to also throw in another set of volunteer hours on top of the others, my school work, and job.
Despite this I find it admirable you are working your way threw it. Both organizations seem to be very interesting, so I am sure you will not find your self board in the least...maybe just wishing you could be doing something else.
Good luck!!

Amy, it sounds like you will be getting really hands on with the work, thats really cool. This is great if you are going to go into a medical career or something like that. Even if your not the experience is really going to open a lot of doors for you in the future.