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Smiley's training session

So on friday i went to smiley's clinic to find out exactly what i would be doing there...it was very different than i expected it was going to be. There were three other people from my class there and we met with two people that will be supervising us. We all had laptop computers and logged into the the clinic's system. It was really cool, with our username we have access to see any of the patients records like we could see what medications they were on and when their last visit was and everything. Then the guy gave us a blank chart that we had to fill out about a patient. It had questions like 'was this person taught how to use an inhaler in the last six months' , 'do they have an asthma action plan', and 'when was their last spirometry?' On the clinic's network, we can search through all of the patient's previous appointments that have been summarized by doctors, any tests they have undergone, any hospital discharge papers etc, to find the answers to fill in the chart. We went through a couple of practice runs with random patients together and then at the end we had to fill in the chart by ourselves. It felt really crazy to me that we were allowed to look at all this information about an individiual that we didnt even know--i mean were just college student with no previous medical experience at all. Its nuts. anways...once we went through a couple runs, it was pretty easy to get the hang of. i could see how the process could be pretty boring doing it for two hours straight though. I hope end up enjoying my time there.