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Volunteer fair

This week I went to the Health Center Volunteer Fair where there were a bunch of booths with organizations from the twin cities that had information about volunteering and internships. I went as an assignment for a different class but I’m really glad I went because I got a chance to talk to someone from Open Arms—it was actually the same guy who came to talk to our class. I told him that I was going to be attending an orientation next week for administrative work and asked if he knew what that might entail. He said I would be doing anything from labeling outgoing meals, to preparing gift-packages, data entry, answering phones, and preparing for special events. I asked him if there were any special events coming up and he told me about something called the “The Moveable Feast? in early May where they send some of the people with HIV/AIDS that they serve out for a night on the town. They are served drinks and deserts and then chauffeured to one of forty-five restaurants downtown where they are treated to a main course. It sounded like a really cool event that maybe I could get involved in.
This Friday I also went to the service learning workshop at the YMCA building. Some of the activities kind of made me feel like I was back in middle school but I guess there were some that were helpful to do before going out and volunteering. It was really interesting to hear some of the statistics about poverty and about the racial makeup of Minnesota.


The information fair you attended sounds interesting. It sounds like a fun volunteer job working with open arms. I actually have a neighbor who is involved with this organization and he loves it! He finds it personally extremely rewarding.
I agree with you about the thing at the Y. Some of the activities were a big middle school. They should have just shared the information with us and then let us go instead of having us walk around the room and draw a tree.