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Locked in

When I got to Open Arms on Friday the first thing they had me do was put about 100 cookies in those plastic baggys that don't ziploc. I haven't used those kind since I was a kid so I broke out my problem solving skills and took one of the already wrapped ones and unwrapped it to figure it out. Once I got the hang of it it was pretty easy. I got to work with four middle aged gay guys this time and actually had a lot of fun. They were all really nice and I had a pretty long conversation while working with two of them that were a couple. They asked how long I had been working here and where I went to school and how I ended up at the organization. They were pretty new to it as well. One of the reasons I enjoy volunteering here is because the atmosphere is so laid back. Everyone jokes around with each other and theres always enough food to sample some yourself. I think the first day I was there for orientation, I remember the leader saying "nobody ever leaves here hungry"...and I can see why. The couple I was talking to earlier were bagging chocolate chip cookie bars and we all ended up having one...they were pretty amazing. Also that day I helped bag some frozen meals that were going to be delievered the next day and oh yeah---I GOT LOCKED IN THE WALK IN FREEZER. I was only locked in for like 30 seconds but that was still enough time for me to panick. Luckily someone was walking by while I was knocking on the door. Phew.


That close call must have given you the chills... (hehehe)... I hope it didn't cool your resolve to volunteer... It seems as if everyday is like walking on thin ice... Wow! I need to cool it on the crappy jokes! I'm glad you're having fun at Open Arms... working in the kitchen must be a lot of fun. It is always nice to get free food, especially nice as a college student.