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So today was the first day I actually did hours for my asthma thing and I actually went to Phalen Village Clinic in St. Paul rather than Smiley's (there both university clinics). When we got there we found out that unlike our training session at Smiley's, we'd be looking through stacks of paperwork instead of computer documentation of physician visits. We were a little disappointed. There were two of us and we spent three long hours looking through stacks of papers and we got through about 25 asthma patients. Something that really suprised me was the age range of the patients that we were looking at--there were some that were only 6 months old and one that was in her 80's. It's sad to see that a baby can already have a folder full of doctor visits before they can even talk. One of the things we have to list on the chart we fill out is if they have had any 'asthma education' in the last year. This seems like one of the more important things to find out since we are trying to help raise awareness and minimize astma related hopital/ER visits, but I'm pretty sure on every single patient I had to list 'no' because no where could I find any documentation to indicate otherwise. It kind of made me wonder why we were even doing this...One thing that I found really interesting was the comparison of the two clinics I went to. Even though they're not that far away, you can tell there in two pretty different neighborhoods just by the people you see waiting for appointments and the way they organize everything.