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volunteering at open arms

So today was my first day volunteering at open arms. I got to work in the kitchen and I actually really liked it. At first I wanted to adminstrative work and the kitchen was my second choice, but I discovered that I really like the environment of the kitchen. Everyone there is extremely nice and very helpful. When I got there, I got a tour of the kitchen and then was put straight to work. The first thing I did was use one of those big, mechanical slicer thingys to cut some cheese and some ham. I had never used anything like that before, but it turned out to be pretty easy and suprisingly enjoyable. Then it was packaging time. There was about five of us who all worked together to do this. Someone had already put food into cordboard trays with little compartments so one person took those and dropped them on the machine. Once they went through, they come out sealed with plastic and then some one labels them and I stacked them. After that, we set up five stations and each station had about 200 of these trays with different entrees in them. We went through and took a tray from each station and then they were bagged. These bags are what the clients recieve each week. It was really crazy to see such a large amount of food being given away--once you see it you really understand how large the orginization is and how many people they help. It's also pretty amazing to think that that much food can be prepared in a kitchen literally only the size of our classroom and that all of it is prepared by people who aren't getting paid. I had a really good time volunteering today.