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Flaw #1

So far my partner and I have finished doing asthma audits at two different clinics. As I mentioned before, I am volunteering for a different class as well and last week I had to give a presentation on my experience there. This forced me to reflect on the time I spent at the clinics and draw some conclusions about the health care system as a whole. Flaw #1: illegibility. We worked with paper files at both of the clinics which has both its advantages and drawbacks. I didn't know this going into volunteering, but each time you go in for a visit the doctor, they write down pretty much everything that happened including symptoms you described, how your feeling, how you got a long with anyone you came with, etc....so they could write 'so and so seemed distracted today' or whatever. i kind of found myself wondering what my doctors wrote about me. Anways, back to my point. So these patient visits are where we find the bulk of the information that we need and they're typed out so thats really nice. However, things like over the phone consultations and medication refill requests are all handwritten-I'd say over 50 percent of the time you have absolutely no idea what the doctor is writing. It pretty much looks like scribbles...and that just kills me. I mean, if the doctor took like 3 more seconds just to go a little slower, you would be able to read it just fine. Otherwise, if it's illegible, why even have it? It really has no value if no one can even read it. Hopefully this problem will soon be eliminated though since both of the clinics are converting there paperfile to electronic files really soon. It's gonna take a loooooooong time but I think it will be worth it in the long run. I'm gonna list flaw #2 in my next entry so I can split this up into two...so read on if you find this remotely interesting