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im done coming up with creative titles

The last two times i've volunteered here it has been absolutely gorgeous out, so it kind of sucked being stuck in a really cold basement putting packaging meals, but I really didn't mind it that much since it was only for a couple of hours. Also, one of the cooks keeps making really amazing pasta for all of the volunteers so that has been really nice. It's hard to write anything new about my actually activity there since I pretty much do the exact same thing everytime, so I'll answer a question that someone asked me in class when were preparing for our presentations. They asked me if I actually feel like I am making a difference when I am just packing up food--which is a perfectly legitamate question seeing as I never get to see any of the people we actually delieve to. It's really hard to answer because I know I am helping people (even though it is just indirectly) but it's still hard to do without getting that personal touch. One thing that really helps me feel like the work I'm doing is worthwhile is just riding the bus to the orginzation (this is pretty much the basis to my third paper). This is because I get to see the true composition of the community I am helping. What I really like about riding it is how much everyone is different from me and being out of my normal sheltered environment. The bus is commonly populated with african americans, somalians, homeless, teen mothers, people with disabilities, etc. and you really attain a new perspective from being surrounded by so much diversity. So, even though I may not get to see the clients, I still feel like I have some idea of who I'm helping.