Digital Arts Workshop - Day 4

Today was completely focused on stop motion animation We set up a green screen on a table in the room and shot our movie. We focused on doing the motions from the beginning of the story to the end (this order is not necessary though, as in editing you can move and image around). The students had a little difficultly understanding the relation of the puppets to a fixed position, but we obtained some good shots.


The screen did not work as a more professionally one would have, but it worked well enough. Through some photoshop work after the class had met, we were able to isolate the figures against a void background. 


The day ended with a big gain in work completed for the final product. There isn't much to reflect back on, although stop motion may not be the best choice for students around this age group. Students can get quite excited when undertaking a project like this, especially when the actual figures are in their hands and they are pretending to act out the scenes. This, however, adds maybe too much excitement, which makes the stillness required for stop motion difficult to achieve. 

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