Class Reflections

With class over, its time to reflect upon what I have learned and experienced this semester.

I went into the class with a pretty basic understand of animation and digital media, but I really feel that I have expanded that knowledge. I've experienced many different ways of animating and through projects, trial and error, I have come to a understanding of how animating should be done.

With the fast advancing digital world, experience with computer technology in a teach situation is something I think I will be using in the future. I grew up and am still apart of this digital generation, but with rapid advances, I could see the technology soon becoming some past me. It is important that I understand how I can use what's available to make the classroom interesting and educational.

The Digital Arts Workshop was an experience that I will be looking back on for a long time. It was first experience within a mentor position and also the first time I was using computer animation techniques and application like Photoshop with students. I hope to build off this experience and share it with other educators. I've started to look into applying for a lecture/talk at a future NAEA National Conference. Although the Baltimore conference is too soon for this, Seattle seems to be promising. 

With all I've learned, I think I would feel comfortable being put into a teaching position where my students were using computer and digital technology.