Digital Arts Workshop - Final

The Digital Arts Workshop ended pretty successfully. For the final day we were able to meet with the students and their parents in the Tweed activity gallery on campus. Snacks were had along with conversation and some quick and short animation projects, which allowed the parents to participate and get a hands-on sense of what their kids were doing. After a short time, everyone gathered in the Lecture gallery to view the finished project.


The final products were well received and the project was complete.

The overall workshop was a very good experience. It was good to put us in a position that involved mentoring, while safely in a controlled environment. The experience is something I could not find somewhere else. With experiences like this, I feel more and more prepared for what lies ahead within my future education profession. The students were very proud of their work and seeing it on a large screen with their parents must have been exciting. It was great to see such interesting pieces come from such small groups of students and mentors.

The basic idea behind the project is one that I see as very valuable. While introducing younger students to a fresh form of creative art making, we (the mentors and instructor) learn something about teaching. We can use this workshop as a example to better our teaching methods in the future and more effectively introduce students to media arts. 

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