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Class Reflections

With class over, its time to reflect upon what I have learned and experienced this semester.

I went into the class with a pretty basic understand of animation and digital media, but I really feel that I have expanded that knowledge. I've experienced many different ways of animating and through projects, trial and error, I have come to a understanding of how animating should be done.

With the fast advancing digital world, experience with computer technology in a teach situation is something I think I will be using in the future. I grew up and am still apart of this digital generation, but with rapid advances, I could see the technology soon becoming some past me. It is important that I understand how I can use what's available to make the classroom interesting and educational.

The Digital Arts Workshop was an experience that I will be looking back on for a long time. It was first experience within a mentor position and also the first time I was using computer animation techniques and application like Photoshop with students. I hope to build off this experience and share it with other educators. I've started to look into applying for a lecture/talk at a future NAEA National Conference. Although the Baltimore conference is too soon for this, Seattle seems to be promising. 

With all I've learned, I think I would feel comfortable being put into a teaching position where my students were using computer and digital technology. 

Final Project - Digital Animation

For my final project I chose to work with some pretty basic animation. I started with a very elaborate idea, but as finals week demanded more, I found less and less time to be pursuing the ambitious proposal. I tried to keep the same image concept, which I feel I did, but I couldn't make the project what I wanted in such a short time. The images are inspired by the lyrics of a musical artist, Dan Deacon. I am disappointed that I messed up the frame timed and feel short of the required time. I still feel this project is a good example of how simple animation can be, but it also allowed me to face the difficulties of the animating process. I left the animation without a introduction or ending since I would not consider it finished. There is still more inspiration in Deacon's music for me to interpret and with more time I can put more care into the video.

Digital Arts Workshop - Final

The Digital Arts Workshop ended pretty successfully. For the final day we were able to meet with the students and their parents in the Tweed activity gallery on campus. Snacks were had along with conversation and some quick and short animation projects, which allowed the parents to participate and get a hands-on sense of what their kids were doing. After a short time, everyone gathered in the Lecture gallery to view the finished project.


The final products were well received and the project was complete.

The overall workshop was a very good experience. It was good to put us in a position that involved mentoring, while safely in a controlled environment. The experience is something I could not find somewhere else. With experiences like this, I feel more and more prepared for what lies ahead within my future education profession. The students were very proud of their work and seeing it on a large screen with their parents must have been exciting. It was great to see such interesting pieces come from such small groups of students and mentors.

The basic idea behind the project is one that I see as very valuable. While introducing younger students to a fresh form of creative art making, we (the mentors and instructor) learn something about teaching. We can use this workshop as a example to better our teaching methods in the future and more effectively introduce students to media arts. 

Storyboard animation and Animatic

Here is the video from the Storyboard presentation (finally). We had the class create the story board about a fictional character named Guy. We provided the character models and setting/plot and assigned sections of the story to the class. Although the story wasn't their own, they were given the opportunity to create the visual portion of the story. This project could be easily done with kids since it requires more imagination and creative thinking processes rather than technological equipment. I'll include a lesson plan in the next post.