Analysis: McCarthy expecting Jennings to be Ready

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In the Journal Sentinal''s update on the injury of the Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Greg Jennings, the sources appear to be a collection of some what contradictory quotes from coach Mike McCarthy and Jennings, as well as first hand reports from Saturday's practice and records from previous seasons.

The article begins with contradictory quotes from Jennings and McCarthy. Jennings is paraphrased saying he isn't 100%, and that he isn't sure if he will play in Monday's Game. Next, its stated that McCarthy disagrees. This shows the relationship between player and coach in an interesting way. Throughout the article, McCarthy seems optimistic about Jennings abilities, and appears certain that he will play in the game on Monday. McCarthy is quoted saying, "Greg looked good today. I thought he made a big jump from earlier in the week. Practiced well."

In contrast, the article shows how Jennings appears uncertain about his injury affecting his game, but hopeful that he will be off the sidelines. His uncertainty is affirmed by the article referring to his performance Tuesday compared to his performance at Saturday's practice. These references show Jennings is recovering from the injury, but is contradicted by the discussion of his past injuries. The sources show both sides of the issue, and appear credible because of the direct quotes and history references.

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