Analysis: Waukesha South, Brookfield Central win Angel Invite

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The lead of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal's story about a high school cross country race this Saturday was somewhat nontraditional in its composition.

The lead is specific in stating what race it was -- Racine St. Catherine's Angel Invite. This specification was extra information because the where in the news lead helped explain that the race took place in Racine. It was previously stated that it was in Kenosha, at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The who and when of the news lead was general. The who being the talented boys field and the when being Saturday.

This lead seems to be somewhat of a scene-setter lead instead of a straight-forward hard-news lead. It uses extra adjectives to describe the situation at hand. An example of this is stating the course was in excellent condition. The writer also states, " each runner in the talented boys field made sure he took advantage of the speedy track," which helps set the scene for the paragraphs to come. The reader is aware that the competition was fast due to a quick track, and reads further to find out just how quick the young athletes were.

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You are doing a good job, Bibbit. (I didn't count the "blah" entry. :) )Keep it up. GG

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