Analysis: NBC News & TIME.

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After examining the multimedia packages in NBC news and Time, I noticed how multimedia plays a very important role in online journalism.

On TIME there is a separated section only multimedia journalism. This section contains both videos and pictures. The writing that goes along with these multimedia aspects is brief and specific to the multimedia shown. It lets the picture/video tell the story, only giving enough information to aid in the storytelling. These pictures and videos give an interactive visual to the news story. This allows the reader to not only read, but listen and/or see the news happening. This probably allows people to remember the news story better.

On NBCnews the multimedia is still divided into a special section, but isn't as specifically labeled multimedia like in TIMES. The photos in this section like there own newspaper, showing pictures of note that happened throughout the week, instead of multiple pictures on a specific story like the times. The writing on these pictures is much more brief than in TIME. Some pictures have only a title with a link to a more specific news story, which allows an interactive aspect as well.

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