Analysis: Stolen Scooter Update

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As I followed the story of George Hensley's stolen scooter, I saw how the reporter, Chao Xiong, updated the story with new news.

The original story gave the readers insight to the details of the theft. It explained in expanded detail when the scooter was stolen. It also explained where the bike was. What made the story something someone would want to follow was the story of George Hensley's battle with cancer. Xiong placed a large section on the battle with cancer Hensley had, and how he beat the odds. This explains why he needs the scooter, and adds emotion to the story.

The follow up story describes the new news about a law firm donating a used scooter to Hensley. It adds to the original story by explaining how the law firm heard about the story and wanted to help. The story then follows a very similar structure as the original story. It describes the original theft, with a few minor new details and describes the condition Hensley is in. The updated story overall has more detail and gives a happy ending to the story of Hensley's stolen scooter.

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