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The Obituary I read was of Paul Kurtz a secular humanist responsible for the creation of multiple magazines and publications.

The obituary uses a combination past articles on Kurtz and quotes from his son for the majority of the sources. The reporter also used a few sources from Kurtz own work, as well as quotes from colleagues and others in the field.
The lead of this article strays a bit from a standard obituary lead. The lead still shows the most important impact Kurtz had, but it doesn't say it in a straight forward way. I think this reflects how Kurtz was not a straight forward thinker.

The news value of this story would be novelty, because Kurtz was began a new branch of thought. This obituary differs from a resume because it includes quotations from colleagues and family, as well as a stronger description of what Kurtz did. It is more than a list of Kurtz's successes, but a detailed description of Kurtz's life.

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