Analysis:Vice President Joe Biden speech in Fort Pierce

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In a story about Vice President Joe Biden's speech in Fort Pierce, Florida, the reporter makes the focus on Biden's discussion of "Romnesia" and the fact that Florida is a swing state.

The story emphasis the fact that Biden is campaigning in Florida, a swing state, for the ninth time in hopes to win the state, and help Obama get re-elected. The story first discusses Biden's talk of "Romnesia." The reporter said Biden used the term "Romnesia" to define Biden's opinion that Romney and Ryan keep shifting their positions on issues.

The article then discussed how Florida is a swing state. In Biden's speech, according to the article, he said that if he and Obama win Florida, they will win the election. The article then goes into the background of how much campaigning has happened, and will happen in Florida. This goes beyond the event itself to discuss this and give the reader a greater understanding in how important Florida has become in the election.

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