2012 among world's hottest years

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This year is being ranked in the top nine of the world's hottest year by U.N. meteorologist, LA Times reports.

In a statement from international climate talks in Qatar, the World Meteorological Organization said global warming is causing the Arctic to melt at an "alarming rate."

Delegates from all over the world attended the conference to discuss ways of slowing the climate change, including cutting the emissions of greenhouse gases.

"Climate change is appearing right before our eyes and will continue to do so as a result of concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere," head of the World Meteorological Organization said in a prepared statement.

Above-average temperatures experienced caused record-high temperatures all over the world, including areas like Greenland and Siberia, the World Meteorologist Organization reported.

Severe droughts have been experienced in the United States, parts of Europe, western Russia and southern China, while parts of the West and Sub-Saharan Africa experienced severe flooding.

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