Analysis: Alarm over India's dengue fever

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In an article about the rise in dengue fever in India, the author uses number multiple time.

The author takes time in the beginning of the article to examine exactly what the dengue fever is, and how it effects the human body. It also explains how one may get the fever, and why it is so prevalent in India. Before the numbers are presented, the author also gives life to the story by writing about two children who are infected by the fever. I think the author does this to make the numbers more significant to the reader. If the author would have placed the number at a different point in the story they would not have been as heart wrenching because the average reader doesn't know what dengue fever is or how if effects the body. It also prevents the numbers from being an overwhelming part of the story.

When the author presents the numbers they present the total number of the reported fever cases in October. The number is then placed as a significant increase of 59% from all of 2011. The author may have had to do some number crunching in order to do this. Numbers are also used to examine how many cases go unreported. This is placed to show how the number of Indian people effected is much larger than the number reported. All the numbers are reported to be from officals.

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