Analysis: Glamour Beasts: The dark side of elephant captivity

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In the story, Glamour beasts:The dark side of elephant captivity, there is information on the breeding and inbreeding of elephants as it relates to elephant infant mortality, a recent problem in Zoos.

In this study, there was a Data map that showed the breeding and inbreeding of elephants and their untimely deaths shortly after birth as time elapsed from 1979 to 2006. This was an interesting perspective because it showed the how the "family tree" of the elephants and how they inter-breeded which almost always resulted in the death of the baby elephant. Often the baby elephant was not even named, and this graphic was a dramatic way to show these reports.

For this graphic reporting, the reporter needed to have a fairly large amount of computer graphic knowledge. The graphic tool engaged the reader because it was interactive. The data map showed lines that indicated which elephants breeded which each other, and were different colors of the line showed weather it was inbreeding or not. When an elephant passed away, the circle with it's name turned black. This graphic was a way to tell the story of elephant inbreeding in capitivity in an easily understandable way.

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