Article by Prof. Mitchell J. Chang, professor of education and Asian American studies at UCLA.

Asian American Student Mentoring Program

The Asian American Partnership for Tomorrow (AAPT) is a mentoring program
that seeks to offer both personal and institutional support for high school students'
successful transition to college and university. The AAPT program will help with
the recruitment and academic readiness of high school students. It will also bolster
their retention, satisfaction, and graduation rates of Asian American undergraduate

By participating in the AAPT mentoring program, undergraduate mentor will:
• Mentor will earn a stipend of $350
• Mentor the next generation of Southeast Asian American scholars and
• Communicate regularly with mentees to provide a support system to help in
academic readiness for college and to plan for life after high school and
prepare for college admission
• Help increase the number of Asian American students with the knowledge,
skills, and habits necessary to succeed in college
• Provide opportunities for mentees to connect with University of Minnesota
students and Asian American Studies staff and faculty
• Provide important leadership in academe and build strong, lasting campuscommunity

For more information, contact Saengmany Ratsabout, the Asian American Studies Program Outreach Coordinator ( and/or download the information AAPT mentor announcement.pdf.

Jan. 25: Chinese Migration to the Americas

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Week 1 Readings from Kurashige/Murray

For those of you who cannot get the Kurashige/Murray book, Major Problems in Asian American History, download the first three essays for Thurs. Jan. 20 here.AAHist_Week_1_Readings.pdf

Course Syllabus and Schedule

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Jan. 20: Approaches

Library Electronic Reserve Readings (download here)

There are several journal articles that are required reading for this course. They can be downloaded by going to the U of M library's electronic reserve site for this course here. The site is password protected for copyright purposes. The password is listed on the class syllabus.

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