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Jan. 25: Chinese Migration to the Americas

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Week 1 Readings from Kurashige/Murray

For those of you who cannot get the Kurashige/Murray book, Major Problems in Asian American History, download the first three essays for Thurs. Jan. 20 here.AAHist_Week_1_Readings.pdf

Course Syllabus and Schedule

Download the syllabus and schedule here.3877syll_2011.doc

Jan. 20: Approaches

Library Electronic Reserve Readings (download here)

There are several journal articles that are required reading for this course. They can be downloaded by going to the U of M library's electronic reserve site for this course here. The site is password protected for copyright purposes. The password is listed on the class syllabus.

Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Minor

Asian American Studies Minor

Student Writing Support

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Extra Credit Opportunities

There will be opportunities to earn extra credit in this class. New postings will be listed here and announced in class. You are allowed to use up to TWO extra credit opportunities. Each opportunity will be worth up to one percentage point to be applied to your lowest paper grades (not the oral history project). For example, if you receive 89% on a paper and turn in an excellent extra credit response paper, you could earn one percentage point, raising your paper grade to a 90%.

How to Succeed in this Course

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University Policies

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Grades and Grading Policies

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