Jan. 20: Approaches

Discussion Questions

Roger Daniels, "Neglect and Distortion of Asian Americans by American Historians"

Daniels suggests that there have been four phases of Asian American history: 1) a "period of scorn" lasting through the 1920s; 2) a "period of benign neglect," lasting until the 1950s; 3) one of limited awareness; and 4) concurrently, the contemporary era of Asian American historical scholarship that is central to understandings of U.S. history. Despite this growth in the field, Daniels points to continuing omissions and neglect of Asian Americans in standard works of American history. What are the reasons that he cites for this?

Ron Takaki, "The Centrality of Racism in Asian American History"

Takaki asks "why Asian Americans have been viewed and treated as outsiders" in the U.S.?" How does he answer this question?

Bill Ong Hing, "What Does it Mean to be Asian American?"
Hing points out that Asian Americans are an extremely diverse group who are different demographically, culturally, socially, politically, and economically. What suggestions does he have for defining "Asian American?"

"Perpetual Foreigner"

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