Jan. 25: Chinese Migration to the Americas

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Lecture Outline
"Asia on the Mind"
U.S. and Western Imperialism in Asia
--European colonization of Asia and U.S. search for trade with China sets the foundation for Asian migration to the Americas
--Early American attitudes about Chinese (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

"Coolies" to the Americas
--250,000 Chinese indentured laborers to Cuba and Peru to replace slave labor
--harsh working conditions

Chinese and the CA Gold Rush
Immigrant Laborers in the Age of Capitalism
Race on the Railroads
Chinese in the US - demographics


Discussion Questions
1. How did Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson characterize Chinese people and Chinese civilization? How might these attitudes impact Americans' perceptions of Chinese even before they began to come to the United States in large numbers?
2. Why did so many Chinese emigrate from the Pearl River Delta Region (Yong Chen's article)
3. What kinds of work did Chinese do on the transcontinental railroad?
4. Why did Chinese work in laundries?

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