Jan. 27: The Chinese Must Go!: Anti-Chinese Campaigns in the U.S.

Lecture Outline

The "Coolie" and the Making of the White Working Clas
-"Unfree" Chinese laborer
-Unending stream of new migrants
-Competed unfairly with white workers
-Tool of capitalists and monopolists
-Unfair competition would lead to ruin of white working families

The "Pollutant" - Race and Sexuality in the Anti-Chinese Movement
-19th century anxieties over immorality and interracial intimacies
-Asian female prostitutes or drug users who lured whites into immorality and threatened the American family, home, and nation
-Asian male domestic servants who were allowed into the private sphere of women and children and could corrupt them

Chinese Exclusion Act and Angel Island

Rock Springs Massacre, 1885
Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882
Angel Island Immigration Station, 1910-1940
--Wong Kim Ark
--Soto Shee

Discussion Questions
1. How did Chinese at Rock Springs describe the massacre?
2. What is Senator George Hoar's arguments against Chinese exclusion?
3. What does the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 do? Why is it significant?
4. Why was the Angel Island Immigration Station established in 1910? What was the Chinese experience there?

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