March 6: Mexican Immigration

Immigration News

"Net Migration from Mexico Falls to Zero--and Perhaps Less" Pew Research Hispanic Center, April, 2012
"Long Border, Endless Struggle," New York Times, March 2, 2013
"Mexican Immigrants in the US," Migration Policy Institute Report, March, 2013

Colonizing the U.S. Southwest
-Texas vs. Mexico
-Texas Republic, 1836U.S.-Mexico War (1846-1848) results in annexation of northern half of Mexico (CA, AZ, NM, NE, UT, CO)
-75,000 Mexicans nationals living in ceded territory come under the jurisdiction of the United States
-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo outlined general protections, but many were not followed
-Not "migrants", but subjects of conquest
-"We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us."

Immigration from Mexico

-1900-1930: <1 M migrate to the U.S.
-Why did they leave? (Economic inequality, natural disasters, Mexican Revolution (1910-1920))
-Conditions in the U.S. (U.S.-Mexico borderlands, Southwest economy)
-Who were they? (male laborers)
-Entry at the border: "benign neglect" policies at the border; no Border Patrol until 1924

Mexican Immigration and Race

-"ideal workers"
-"Mexican jobs" vs. "American jobs"
-"Ideal immigrants"

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