World War Two

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Why were Japanese Americans Interned?
Long-standing racial prejudice in both countries
Increased Yellow Peril fears, 1930s
----fear of Japanese espionage
----fear of Japanese invasion
----loyalty of Japanese Americans questioned
War Hysteria
Politics, not National Security

Pearl Harbor
Reflections on Pearl Harbor
Interview with Daniel Inouye
-Increased anxiety about national security after attack
-Anti-Asian and commercial associations in U.S. and Canada demand action
-West coast leaders push for internment
-Rationale for "military necessity" - removal of Japanese is necessary for security of Pacific Coast

Executive Order 9066
"Military Necessity" Rationale
-Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt
-"Gov. Olson (California) Wants All Japs Moved," San Francisco News, 3/6/42
-"Their Best Way to Show Loyalty," San Francisco News, 3/6/42


Internment Experiences

Memories of Evacuation
Interview of Mits Inaba
Interview with Joseph Ichiuji

Legal Challenges
--Yasui, Hirabayashi, Korematsu

Service in the U.S. Military

--Interview with Young Kim
--Draft Resisters

After the War
--Redress Movement

Ansel Adams's Manzanar photographs, collected at the Library of Congress
Frank Emi, Leader of Heart Mountain Draft Resisters, Dies at 94, LA Times Obituary
Frank Emi, Obituary in Rafu Shimpo
Interview of Lily Fujimoto
Interview with George Matsui
Short Film - "Volunteering from Camp"
Yasutake Family Story
Short Film of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team's Rescue of the "Lost Battalion"

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