Wed. April 17: Post 9/11 Immigration Policies

In the News

"Bipartisan group introduces immigration reform bill," Los Angeles Times, April 17, 2013

Statement by the President on Commonsense Immigration Reform, April 16, 2013

"U.S. Muslims Mobilize To Prevent Boston Marathon Backlash," Huffington Post, 4/16/13

Post 9/11 Immigration Policies and Anti-Immigrant Backlash
A matter of necessary national security? Or institutionalized discrimination?
Tram Nguyen: "We Are All Suspects Now": Since 9/11 counter terrorist efforts have merged with U.S. immigration policy resulting in discrimination against immigrants perceived to be Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern, or South Asian on the basis of their name, race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin. The domestic war on terror has caused entire communities to come under suspicion and increased racial profiling of all immigrants.
-Post 9/11 Roundup
-FBI Visits
-USA Patriot Act
-Special Registration
-Absconder Apprehension Initiative
-Refugee and Asylee Restrictions
-Case of Abdullah Osman, Minneapolis

Racial Profiling and Hate Crimes directed at South Asian, Muslim, and Arab Americans
Valerie Kaur's "Divided We Fall"
-"The Story Behind the Film" (10 mins) - watch this for Balbir Singh Sodhi
-"We are All Muslim" (10 mins)
-"National Security and Civil Rights?" (10 mins)
-"Rising up Against the Hate" (the Sikh Coalition) (10 mins)
-"Where are They Now?" - update on Balbir Singh Sodhi's family

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