Mon. May 6 - Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

2013 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (S.744)

Main sections:
Border Security
Pathway to Citizenship [Adjustment of Status]
Guest worker Program [NonImmigrant W visa]
Future Immigration Flows
Interior Enforcement
Immigrant Integration

You will be assigned a section of the bill. Use the summary from the Migration Policy Institute. Your assignment is to:

1. Review the overall proposed legislation, especially how the different components relate to each other

2. Research the provisions of the bill that relate to your section

3. find at least two news sources and/or statements related to your topic in your research. [Try to find opposing views if possible.]

4. Discuss the bill amongst yourselves and come to a consensus

5. Present your summary and analysis of the bill in a powerpoint or other presentation document to share with class. Prof. Lee will upload to the class blog for study purposes

Official Text of the Bill,,
Resources from Migration Policy Institute
American Immigration Council
Center for Immigration Studies
Federation for American Immigration Reform
American Immigration Lawyers Association
National Council for La Raza
Immigration Policy Center
Heritage Foundation

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