April 24, 2006

Display Case for Continuing Education

Ok. Josh and I met with Lisa Martin today for the initial meeting for redesigning her Continuing Education Display case. She seemed very open to whatever ideas that we offer. I am hoping to have some mock-ups completed for next Monday for her. I'll be meeting with Josh in class on Wed to finalize our plans.
Lisa generally stated that Summer is her big season. Although I'd like to offer her a more permanent installation, or at least incorporate some permanent elements, I do feel that we need to address her big season. I"d like to incorporate some summer, swimming, barbecuing, beach..even using non traditional objects like a beachtowel as a backdrop and writing the main text in suntan lotion (white paint}. I'm still wrestling with a more permanent installation, so Lisa doesn't have to do much to change the case from season to season. Right now, the case has a CE poster and course guide cover on a blue felt background. The case also has titles on construction paper. The case is roughly 4' long by 3' tall, enclosed and lighted. Corkboard backs the case. The case is in a VERY HIGH Traffic location! I'm excited to see what we can do for Lisa!

April 18, 2006

Handing Down The Names Revisited

It was nice to have Tom and Sherise come by our class today to see our handiwork. It gave us a peek into what to expect in the client/designer relationship. They were pleasant and encouraging and I'm looking forward to individual meetings to flesh our posters out even further. I must admit, I'm getting tired of this project, so I'm hoping Tom will either like the poster as is or give some good advice on what he'd like to see. I'm ready to stick a fork in it!
Each one of us gave a mini presentation, and I feel mine went off fine. I don't have a big problem with public speaking, but I do have premature senior moments where I momentarily couldn't think of what next to say. All in all, it was a confident and friendly presentation and they seemed to like it.
I managed to dig up a second version of the poster over the weekend. It isn't much, but it is a different look and is an alternative. It simply is a bunch of beautiful yellowed passports and old immigration papers on a white background. The pics are a little pixelated. If Tom chooses that, I'll have to work on that problem.

April 11, 2006

AIGA assy

Things are going pretty good on this assy. I had trouble "cutting" the letters, but found a way to make it work. I'm pleased with the typographic results. I'm still looking for suitable images. Initially I was going to rip off the half and half image in the Target ads, but I'm finding some fun Charles Spencer Anderson stuff (who is also featured predominantly in the article). I actually had a good rough up before I had to go to work today, but the printer was broken and I couldn't save it on my jump drive for some reason. I can whip the spread back together in the morning. I'm happy that this assy is coming together so smoothly! It's a far cry from my last one!

April 3, 2006

Back from Blog-cation

Hi, didnt realize how long it's been since I've last blogged! Time flies. New project started today. 4 page magazine spread. My article is about the use of retro images, etc in todays design. The article has pros and cons regarding it. Got some good ideas during the chat circle. I really like the idea of using 2 different fonts, images, etc to illustrate the article. I'm changing my format. I was going to use I.D. Magazine as a template, but they aren't as creative in font choices and styles. It's all white space, big blocks of pictures and Times font text. Looks good, but I'm looking for a chance to be more creative and still adhere to a magazine's format.

February 15, 2006

Handing Down The Names

I have been doing research on "Handing Down The Names" by Steven Dietz, and suprisingly have had not much trouble finding info on it. I am mostly finding college theater reviews, and they have been helpful in getting a feel on what kind of story this is. This story is about German Russian immigrants in the early 1900's.

February 6, 2006

Film Series Poster

Our first assignment, which was creating a series of posters for the Dept. of Foreign Languages, looks AWESOME!!!!!! My poster was pretty much a listing of the film series. All the films were listed. Since the theme was culinary, I naturally gravitated towards fine dining, namely the Menu at a fine restraunt. I also thought a picture of a film canister as a plate along with silverware would be a good image for the poster, as well. It all came together rather quickly, and I was worried that such a general idea would already be taken, but it wasn't. My group came up with great ideas, as well, to unify the group as a whole. This also came pretty quickly. By using a film cell template as a frame, it would strongly unite each poster with the other. We felt that since it was such a strong and graphic unifier, everyone could pretty much design their posters how they wanted and still get the effect that they all belonged together.