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Holey Moley Rocky!

It's really quite amazing what has developed and available free online in just the last few years! First, I did try out the Zoho website and created a profile. I imported an existing Word document and the process was seamless & effortless and the result was a document that did not change whatsoever from the original Word document. Bullets were the same, no problems or glitches in formatting, etc. Really rather amazing. The added feature of being able to share access with others, etc. makes this particularly appealing...especially if I am working jointly with someone on a document and one or both of us is/are traveling. As Borat would say...very nice...

Doodle was my second visit and once I saw it I recognized that I had used it once or twice -- and promptly forgot the name afterward when, later, I really could have used it! Now I have it bookmarked. This will probably be the most-used productivity tool I have seen. (It is the nature of my work to be scheduling meetings with faculty!)

Finally, I checked out Senduit and Netfiles. While I had one experience with Netfiles, I was pleased to find Senduit as it is more amenable for use in sharing large files with multiple, non-University people.

All in all, this was a fun exercise and I bookmarked all the sites for future exploration!