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Twitter for this Twit?

My immediate reaction to the tools we've been learning about of late is "what the heck good would this do me??" In some cases I find answers quickly and in others I come up with no positive responses. This is one of them, in part because I am not involved in classroom teaching on campus (ala Twitter for Academics).

My first thought has been that the older one is, the less likely you will find "colleagues" aware of these tools, let alone ready users or potential users. However, just this morning, having worked through this assignment's readings, I asked at a next-door community college advisory committee meeting who among the group had heard of Twitter. Not one person did, including the college provost (who has teenage daughters and is younger than I)! He actually has about 1,000 students enrolled, so he has more opportunities to use this than I, so that made me feel less old. But, as the video in the assignment discusses, it's hard to know or find out who among your peers/collaborators are already users of this technology for you to interact with.

As with the social networking exercise, this is interesting, but I will just have to ponder this one and watch for opportunities where this tool may be a benefit for me and/or those I supervise. I'm sure something will pop into my head if I work on it awhile.