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Oh What a Web We Weave!

This has been something that Extension faculty seem to have used quite a bit. I've participated in a few and observed presentations of candidates for campus positions from the comfort of my office on several occasions. I have not set one up before, but having tested the service provided for us by the U, I am pleased to say that I could do this without a great deal of pain!

It has been a great frustration for me that we haven't been able to better use our broadband tools to save ourselves time and money in our work. For years, we have attempted to get administrations to sponsor and promote more usage of our facilities. Unfortunately, those of us "outstate" seem more ready and able to do this; the limitations have been on the St. Paul campus, in terms of a lack of conference areas with video, etc. Web conferencing is just one tool that I hope to see used more often. In my case, I think I could use it more to tie colleagues together in conversation across the state (instead of driving to meetings, at great expense). This I think will be of real value!