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All hail web developers

Do you know what a flaming bitch it is to work with movable type?? I find the idea that we should design the layout of our own blogs preposterous after having done so I can say with all conviction that it was more effort than it was worth. HTML and CSS can kiss my lily white ass.


I would highly suggest using this plugin: http://styles.movalog.com/generator/generator.php to aid in the process, without which I could not have done this at all, but be wary I didn't get to my own final product without extensive tweaking.


Thanks for sharing the link. Yes I DO know how frustrating movable type is. Just wait til you get to the glory days of making pull-apart models, your board design layouts killing your laptop, and the contractor building a masonry wall in the wrong place. Course this is still better than when we had to hand-draft everything :)