February 15, 2008

Social Design Issue: My Roommate

Blog Prompt #2

update: Not to be outdone, my former roommate actually managed to assault one of her friends, slashing her in the face so badly that paramedics had to come. She was escorted out of the dorm by two police officers. Will she get kicked out? Dunno, but lord knows the world is fucked when that chick walks the street...

n199110191_31690687_5726 copy.jpg

Ex-Roommate, actually.

Honestly, it was the first thing that came to mind. I’m sure it’s a petty thing to say, but since all but a handful of people are NOT going to be reading this I figure I can say it without the whole world retaliating against me. If you met her I don’t think you would blame me, though. I figure as long as I keep her anonymous and don’t slander her actual name I could potentially be within appropriate moral boundaries.

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