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December 12, 2005

Someone! Venice's sinking! Do something.

Venezia, as it is said in Italian…It is the Queen of the Adriatic, city of canals and palaces. It is a city that once ago was build up by merchants and sellers. One each four corners of the city is surrounded by water. This city is full of riches ness and devotion from its people. It has withstood the brick of time, through hard and tantrum times. It has a long history and doubly future, but the air in this city is delicate and melancholy. For thousands of years this city was one of the most enduring mercantile sea powers on the face of the earth. Today its brilliance and influence have long since faded, leaving behind a town of tarnished glories, out of time and out of place, so achingly beautiful it's hard not to look for the back of the set. New facts point out that Venice is sinking at alarming rate. This ancient city is sitting on wooden pillars that are pounded into marshy grounds by architects that have live centuries ago. It has sunk about 7 cm a century for the past 1000 years and just in the last 100 years; it has been sinking at the alarming rate of 24 cm. There is a controversial plan name Moses that involves a number of moveable dams and also a plan to reduce the water flooding the city. The project is about $4 billion and it started out in 1966, when a massive flood flooded the St. Mark Square. Without the fact of having bridges and dams, the city is so vulnerable on floods and tides. This project was started by a professor and an engineer at the University of Padua. His name is Gambolati and along with his crew, they are considering to inject sea water to raise the city about 30 cm and rescue it from the tides. The project would require digging holes about 12 of them about 30 cm in diameter and 10km area around the city. To pump the water about 700 meters deep. The sea water would make the sand that is underneath to expand because the group will use waterproof clay to help push the soil. This is the explanation that the professor gives on the project. The estimated cost is about $17 million. He explains that he plans to test his theory by testing a small area at first. The project will need to be approved by the city council and the major. As of the present time, it is only in the beginning phase and also needs to pass to the state commissions before making legal. The final version will be called “Moses� and along with it a flood barrier would also be build to help ease the tension of the tides. The name “Moses� was taken from the Biblical figure that parted the Red Sea and because of the slitting of the water and the building of the dams, that’s why they’ve decided on this name. Much high place society’s city’s figures such as the president of the New Venice Consortiu (the agency that helps out with the project) said that this plan that needs careful testing and it needs to be checked very thoroughly. Venice is a very delicate and soft space and it should be elevated in a different way…that what he said…or the city would crumble. But according to Gambolati, the project will not affect the city’s stability. This project can be considered as a step towards elevating and helping a city that throughout many centuries has lacked the help and need to be saved.

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