March 1, 2006

I'm not the only one that heard you...

So I haven't written in awhile and haven't really had many funny stories but the one I have today I think is hilarious. It's probably not as funny to others but I'll share it anyway. I've heard my roommate having sex one too many times and I figured that if I kept making fun of her and her bf that they would stop doing it when I'm home. Well that didn't work. Today I ran into the neighbor who lives below us and she asked me which bedroom was mine and I told her and she said that my roommate is a little loud. I figured she was talking about her music or when she is talking on the phone. She said "uh no, it sounds like she is having some fun." Apparently they can hear it over their baby monitor in their room. Well the caretaker was standing there when she was telling me this so I'm sure the whole building will know soon. Maybe they will stay over at his place now...

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January 4, 2006

Funny stories and not so funny...

I've been trying to enjoy the break from school but I have realized it is almost impossible for me to relax and stay in one place or not be doing something every minute. I am so used to studying or reading for class during dinner that I have to be doing something when I am eating dinner even now that I don't have class. I'm eating dinner right now and typing this. I made myself stay home and watch a movie last night because everyday I have been running around after work. I also joined the gym in late November so I am there almost every day for a little over an hour. Which reminds me of something funny I saw. It's not nice to laugh at this but I couldn't help myself. One thing I don't like about the gym is all the naked people running around in the locker room. It would be one thing if they were just getting dressed and stuff but there are people who just parade around the locker room completely naked and will just bend right over.
Well anyway I was walking to the bathroom and I walk around the corner into this huge naked fat lady. I was laughing for 10 minutes - seriously. I know its mean and I will probably be a big fat lady one day but it was so funny. I do know that when I'm a big fat lady later in life I will not walk around naked like that since I don't even do it now. I see funny things at the gym a lot. One day I look up the stairs and this guy is wearing really short shorts and he starts scratching his but and the shorts get stuck so you can see his cheek. I was laughing so hard. People started giving me weird looks but it was so funny! Yesterday someone dropped a big bag full of tennis balls down the stairs..that was funny. Anyways on to another topic.
I was really mad when I got into work today because my boss is basically an idiot and he treats me like I'm an idiot. The new hires with power are trying to push out anyone without degrees and also the people that have been there since the "early days". It's really making me mad. I am so frustrated because I feel like there is nothing I can do. Human resources doesn't do there job and anything you say to them they repeat to just about anybody even though it is supposed to be confidential. The CEO is a nice man and he wants to make sure his employees are happy. At a managers meeting he asked the manager's if their people were happy and only one had the guts to say no! Everyone is afraid for their job. I would love to walk into the CEO's office (I almost did this morning) and tell him what's really going on and how people are being treated. This used to be such a great place to work.
My former boss who was great, is being pushed out by the new a**holes and basically has had all responsibilities taken away from him. He has never done anything to warrant this. It's so sad since he helped build this company and has been there since day one. When I started 3 1/2 years ago he was the only engineer and worked 12-14 hour days. Sometimes more. What have I learned from this? That some people in business only care about the business and not the PEOPLE who help keep the business going. I know I can never have this kind of job again because I can't watch how people are treated...

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November 20, 2005

Get out of my neighborhood!

This morning my roommate left and went outside to go get in her car and found her car was no longer there. Her car was stolen sometime last night with her winter jacket and cds in it. I am almost certain she will never see that car again. It was an older honda civic so its probably sitting in someone's garage in a million peices. I guess there has been a lot of civics stolen in this neigborhood lately because the thieves want the VIN numbers off the cars. It really sucks for my roommate because she only had liability insurance so she is stuck with no car and no money to get a new car. I've lived in this neigborhood for a little over a year and have felt pretty safe. Now I don't want to go outside when its dark. Drug deals have been going on around the corner and now cars are being stolen and broken into. All of a sudden all these creepy characters have shown up in this neighborhood and I want them gone! I know this is the city and crime is going to happen but there has to be some way to get these people out of here and get it back to what it was. I don't want to be afraid to walk out to my car when I leave at 5am for work and its still dark or when I get home late at night. I don't want to worry about my car outside. I work hard for what I have and I don't want it to be taken away from me! I guess many neighbors have been calling the police and everytime the police ask them for license plate numbers and pictures. Only one neighbor has been brave enough to go get the license plate numbers and take pictures. But he is also a large man. I'm only 5'2 so I don't think I want to get myself into a bad situation. I have decided that I am going to find a way to get some of these people out of this neighborhood. I don't want to be scared when i walk outside and I don't think I should have to be just because I live in the city. If I wanted to put up with this I would have moved to a bad part of Minneapolis and paid less rent!

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November 16, 2005

If guys would just think...

So I didn't hear from or see the guy in my last post for almost a week. That's pretty bad considering I work with him. (Yes I am aware that is a very bad idea!) He works in another buiding so its not like I'll just pass by him in the hallway. Finally I emailed him on Monday and talked to him and told him he was on my shit list. He didn't really understand why. His excuse for not calling was that he was really busy. That is the WORST excuse in the world. Now that there are cell phones there is no such thing as not having any time to call someone. I just don't get it. I told him that if whatever is going on is going to continue that he needs to figure out how to pick up a phone. He said he will but I don't really believe him. I'm thinking I just need to not give him the time of day now because I think he thinks I will let this continue. I think it will get to him if I don't bother to email him or call him because he no longer gets the attention he wants. Oh well looks like I'll be going to the company christmas party alone...

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November 9, 2005

The Question Every Girl wants an answer to...

So I know many girls ask this but I'm going to ask it anyway even though I am well aware of the fact I am not going to get an answer. Why must guys torture us by not calling us back? I just don't understand. Many guys will say they just don't like talking on the phone but I think its for another reason. What that reason is I don't know. I think if it is really because they just don't like talking on the phone they should just call us anyway because we spend a lot of time getting ready for when we go out or even when they come over just to hang out. Girls always over analyze stuff and we simply can't stop over analyzing so I think guys need to change so we can stop driving ourselves crazy. I know wishful thinking...

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November 6, 2005

Idiots at work

So there is this lady at work who I really don't like - actually no one that knows her well enough likes her. She keeps getting her jobs taken away from her because she doesn't finish them and she can't keep up with the workload. She is very good at wasting time. Well her projects get pushed onto other people and eventually they get to me. I was helping to file some documents and came across some comments she wrote on them that were about me and how she had to talk to me about not doodling and highlighting on documents. I was so mad! I have worked there 3 years and I know better than this. This document that she wrote on is an important document and many people use these documents so a lot of people can see them. Although she did not put my name she might as well of. So I told many people about this cause I was pissed. Her boss knows (although he isn't worth anything himself...) and I went to HR. She seems to get away with everything so I am sure she will get away with this. This has been making me mad all weekend. I hate being blamed for stuff I didn't do and this one is actually on paper! Tomorrow I decided I am going to look at other documents to see if she wrote on anymore of them. Also I am going to ask that a retractive comment be made on that document. I have a feeling her boss is going to tell me that I need to let it go and that she has been talked to about it but I won't let it go until that comment is crossed out or a note is made saying that comment was invalid.

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November 3, 2005

I want to be a kid again

Lately I've been wishing I was a kid again (what adult doesn't). On Halloween I was thinking about how much I used to love it. Wearing a costume was so much fun and the fact that you got to wear it at school was the best thing ever! I worked on halloween and I only wore devil horns because I was afraid I would be told that costumes could not be worn. Lately they are just adding more rules at work to make us hate it...Anyways all holidays used to be great. The last couple of Christmas' have just kind of sucked. I used to love Christmas just because everyone seemed so happy. The presents weren't the reason I liked it - it was just the atmosphere of the decorations and the tree and snow. Now its just like decorations are there but the've lost the fun feelings they used to have when I was younger. Maybe because when your a kid you have a much happier and magical outlook on the world. No bills to pay, no worries of failing college and not graduating...

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October 30, 2005

What is the point of washing dishes? In my world the point of washing dishes is so that next time you use them they are clean and FREE OF FOOD FROM LAST TIME YOU USED THEM. In my roommates world something is a little off. I asked her the other day if some dishes just bypassed the soap and water scrubbing because there were still little chunks of food on the plate. EWWWW. Her response was to roll her eyes at me. I don't think I am the only person in this world that likes to have clean dishes! I'm sure I miss something once in awhile because I like everyone else am not perfect (although I would like to think I am) but when I put the dishes away that I washed they seem to be "particle free." It's only a problem if it happens all the time which it now I think well I'm going to go have some chicken for dinner and hey maybe there will be some leftover mac and cheese on the plate from last week to go with it!

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October 13, 2005

So I am Superwoman...

Well not really superwoman but I think I'm getting close. I finally came to my senses after crying for 2 days and getting nothing done. I decided not to drop the class I talked about before the morning of the test. So I went and took the test and definetly thought I failed it but I decided as long as I passed the class I would be fine. Well I got the grade back today and somehow I managed a "B." I'm not sure how I managed that but I did. That test was horrible. It took me an hour to finish it and most people didn't have time to finish. There were 6 short answer/essay questions. Crazy! But I'm happy I passed and didn't do to bad. I did ok on my other tests too. I'm finding now that when I get really stressed that the best thing to do is to go to bed and listen to "calm" music. I think the onlyl calm music I have is Coldplay and John Mayer but hey that works. My roommate keeps trying to get me to listen to Enya but I can't stand Enya. It's almost equivalent to fingernails on a chalkboard!

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October 5, 2005

I am not superwoman

So I haven't blogged in awhile since I'm trying to survive taking 16 credits and working. Once again I have come to the realization that I am not superwoman and just because someone else can do it does not mean I am capable of doing it - and THAT IS OK! While trying to study for my totally ridiculous social and personality test I was overwhelmed with all the stress. Yes it is my fault that I let it all build up because I haven't studied as much as I should have these last weeks but I've also thought about it and cried about it and decided this is too much. Going from 6 to 2 to 16 credits does not work. Unfortunately I will learn this lesson with a "W" on my transcript and the loss of $942 in financial aid but maybe I will gain some of my sanity back. I see a point to this 13 credit policy thing but it forces students who need to work to take on a lot. I'm not against working hard because I am a hard working person but there is a point where it becomes too much. I think if it hadn't of been for the stupid class that tests you on 5 1/2 chapters I might have survived my 16 credits. The thing that makes me mad is it is taught by 2 grad students and you would think they would understand what being a student is like but I think they are on a power trip. Yes, I realize they have requirements and have to get through a certain amount of material but they could space things out more evenly because 5 1/2 chapters is absolutely ridiculous. And the in-class assignments they give are ridiculuous. All this whining makes me sound like a lazy person but I'm not - I got my AA degree, graduated on the honor roll, was a member of the honors society and a member of the honors program. I worked at the same time and tutored for FREE so I know that I can't be called lazy. I guess I'm trying to justify this whining to myself...

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