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August 29, 2005

Reality finally hits

So within the last day or so it's finally hit me that I will be graduating with my undergrad in a year or so. I know, atleast right now, that I want to be a child psychologist but thats probably atleast 5 years from now since that requires graduate school. I'm not really sure what job I'm going to look for when I graduate. Sometimes I think I'm going to be at my current job forever but I know thats not what I want to do. It's finally occurred to me I should probably should start doing some community service or get another part time job working with kids. I've done a lot of community service in the past but not recently. I suppose that stuff would probably help me figure out what exactly I want to do. One thing I worry about is what if I graduate and can't find a job? It would also really suck if the only jobs I can find relating to my degree are ones that pay less than what I'm getting paid now. I guess thats something I might have to do - start from the bottom to get where I want. A couple of co-workers wives have recently graduated with a degree in Psychology and I guess they really hate their jobs. Most of them work with kids with mental issues that cause them to be extremely anti-social. I'm sure it can be very frustrating working with these kids and I can see where you could grow to really disklike your job. I think its one of those jobs where you have to work with what you have and you have to remind yourself that you can't change or fix everthing.

Posted by estr0043 at August 29, 2005 8:27 PM