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September 1, 2005


My roommate moved out yesterday. We got along pretty good but I'm kinda glad she's gone cause she was messy and it was really getting irritating cleaning up after her. My new roommate moves in tomorrow. This will be my 3rd roommate in a year. It's definitely been an interesting experience this past year! I think this one will work out good though. She seems really nice. All of my roommates have been total strangers before they moved in and for some reason this does not scare me at all. I get so busy I don't see much of my roommates anyway which works out pretty good when you don't like them. My first roommate was horrible and she made me so upset that I would do everything to not be at home. I worked 12 hour days and sometimes 7 days a week and then I would go somewhere after work. It worked out pretty well except I was extremely tired! But good money! I have so many roommate stories - probably more than most people have after only a year. Most of them come from the first roommate that only lived with me for 5 months before I asked her to leave. She had issues. She had to have everything arranged symetrically. She would rearrange everything - even the magnets on the fridge. Then there was the familly pictures she suddenly decided to put everywhere but her room....

Posted by estr0043 at September 1, 2005 9:28 PM