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November 6, 2005

Idiots at work

So there is this lady at work who I really don't like - actually no one that knows her well enough likes her. She keeps getting her jobs taken away from her because she doesn't finish them and she can't keep up with the workload. She is very good at wasting time. Well her projects get pushed onto other people and eventually they get to me. I was helping to file some documents and came across some comments she wrote on them that were about me and how she had to talk to me about not doodling and highlighting on documents. I was so mad! I have worked there 3 years and I know better than this. This document that she wrote on is an important document and many people use these documents so a lot of people can see them. Although she did not put my name she might as well of. So I told many people about this cause I was pissed. Her boss knows (although he isn't worth anything himself...) and I went to HR. She seems to get away with everything so I am sure she will get away with this. This has been making me mad all weekend. I hate being blamed for stuff I didn't do and this one is actually on paper! Tomorrow I decided I am going to look at other documents to see if she wrote on anymore of them. Also I am going to ask that a retractive comment be made on that document. I have a feeling her boss is going to tell me that I need to let it go and that she has been talked to about it but I won't let it go until that comment is crossed out or a note is made saying that comment was invalid.

Posted by estr0043 at November 6, 2005 8:38 PM