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August 29, 2005

Reality finally hits

So within the last day or so it's finally hit me that I will be graduating with my undergrad in a year or so. I know, atleast right now, that I want to be a child psychologist but thats probably atleast 5 years from now since that requires graduate school. I'm not really sure what job I'm going to look for when I graduate. Sometimes I think I'm going to be at my current job forever but I know thats not what I want to do. It's finally occurred to me I should probably should start doing some community service or get another part time job working with kids. I've done a lot of community service in the past but not recently. I suppose that stuff would probably help me figure out what exactly I want to do. One thing I worry about is what if I graduate and can't find a job? It would also really suck if the only jobs I can find relating to my degree are ones that pay less than what I'm getting paid now. I guess thats something I might have to do - start from the bottom to get where I want. A couple of co-workers wives have recently graduated with a degree in Psychology and I guess they really hate their jobs. Most of them work with kids with mental issues that cause them to be extremely anti-social. I'm sure it can be very frustrating working with these kids and I can see where you could grow to really disklike your job. I think its one of those jobs where you have to work with what you have and you have to remind yourself that you can't change or fix everthing.

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August 20, 2005

So I had my wisdom teeth out - definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have like no pain which is great. I didn't have to get any stitches either which is also great because I'm pretty sure feeling those in my mouth would have grossed me out a lot. My wisdom teeth hadn't even come out of the gums yet so I thought it was going to hurt a lot and I would be drugged up all weekend but I haven't taken any pain pills. Kind of amazing I have holes in my mouth and I feel no pain..Anyways...I went to the Seether concert on Thursday night at the new club "The Myth." Really nice club and the concert was great. Crossfade and Dark New Day were also there. I love Crossfade's cd but they really suck live. I guess they never put on a good performance. I took like 50 pictures and most of them turned out pretty good. The concert went on until about 12:30. One of the best concerts I've been to in awhile. All three of the bands got along really well and they played on stage together so it made it a lot of fun. I tried putting some pictures on this page but they are way too big and I can't figure out how to make them smaller...Anyone know how?

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August 15, 2005

To Ride the bus or not...

So I'm once again wide awake at almost 1am with less than 4 hours to go until my alarm goes off. This weekend I decided that I'm going to start driving a lot less since gas prices have become totally ridiculous. The problem is, is that I really hate the bus. There are scary people on the bus and they always seem scarier when its dark outside. To get to work by 7am I would have to be at the bus stop a few blocks away at 5:54am. I would have to transfer twice and I would still have to walk half a mile to work. That just sounds like a little too much effort to save a very little amount of money. I live 11 miles away from work and that is way too much effort! Plus I've seen people out at the bus stop at that hour and some of them look kinda scary. I know its bad to judge people by how they look but in some situations thats what you have to go by. I don't think walking alone and waiting for a bus in Minneapolis in the dark is one of the brightest ideas I've had. Maybe if I was a guy and taller than 5'2 it wouldn't be such a bad idea but thats not the case! I will figure out a way somehow. I just wish the bus would drop me off a little closer to work or atleast somewhere where there is actually a sidewalk to walk on. So I'm thinking I'm either going to be attacked by some crazy person waiting for the bus (or on the bus) or I'm going to get ran over by a car because I was walking in the road because of the lack of a sidewalk...Maybe I should just stick with driving to work...

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August 13, 2005

What makes work fun

So this is night 4 or 5 of my insomnia. I guess it can't be considered total insomnia cause at some point every night I do go to sleep for a couple hours. I didn't know I could be so wired but yet so exhausted at the same time. It's actually kind of irritating especially when I get up at 5am on weekdays...good thing my boss doesn't pay too much attention to the time I actually arrive at work. I guess as long as I put in my 8 hours everyday it doesn't matter much. This morning I arrived to find that many objects in my office including the arms of my chair, the chair back, a box cutter, a pop bottle, my keyboard, and computer monitor were tightly packed in bubble wrap with a nice typed note on the bubble wrapped monitor telling me to have a safe day. I couldn't help but laugh - it was pretty funny. I've had an ongoing prank war for the last 2 weeks with one of the guys in shipping. So when he left for work I went to work with a jar of vaseline, a highlighter, a rubber glove, a q-tip, and a screwdriver. If you put a thin layer of vaseline on things such as phone buttons its very hard to see. I took one of the casters off the chair with the screwdriver and lowered the chair as far as it would go. Then I put vaseline on the chair button which would make the chair higher when pushed. I also applied vaseline under the arm chairs, the phone buttons, calculator buttons, and the top of the stapler. To top it off I took the toner out of the printer. Maybe it was a little worse than the bubble wrap - maybe thats why the guy has declared war on me...

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August 11, 2005

Abundant energy with nothing to do

I have a huge abundance of energy right now. I'm on some medicine because I have bronchitis and it wires me and my roommate is sleeping and I AM SO BORED. I am trying hard not to wake her up but I'm running out of things to do! I never seem to have the energy when I need it...Maybe if I start running up and down the hallway she will wake up but she would probably kill me since she works 3rd shift and this is normal for her to be sleeping right now. She promised she would go to Don Pablo's with me and I am fricken hungry! Yeah she's up! I swear I don't normally act like this...

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