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January 4, 2006

Funny stories and not so funny...

I've been trying to enjoy the break from school but I have realized it is almost impossible for me to relax and stay in one place or not be doing something every minute. I am so used to studying or reading for class during dinner that I have to be doing something when I am eating dinner even now that I don't have class. I'm eating dinner right now and typing this. I made myself stay home and watch a movie last night because everyday I have been running around after work. I also joined the gym in late November so I am there almost every day for a little over an hour. Which reminds me of something funny I saw. It's not nice to laugh at this but I couldn't help myself. One thing I don't like about the gym is all the naked people running around in the locker room. It would be one thing if they were just getting dressed and stuff but there are people who just parade around the locker room completely naked and will just bend right over.
Well anyway I was walking to the bathroom and I walk around the corner into this huge naked fat lady. I was laughing for 10 minutes - seriously. I know its mean and I will probably be a big fat lady one day but it was so funny. I do know that when I'm a big fat lady later in life I will not walk around naked like that since I don't even do it now. I see funny things at the gym a lot. One day I look up the stairs and this guy is wearing really short shorts and he starts scratching his but and the shorts get stuck so you can see his cheek. I was laughing so hard. People started giving me weird looks but it was so funny! Yesterday someone dropped a big bag full of tennis balls down the stairs..that was funny. Anyways on to another topic.
I was really mad when I got into work today because my boss is basically an idiot and he treats me like I'm an idiot. The new hires with power are trying to push out anyone without degrees and also the people that have been there since the "early days". It's really making me mad. I am so frustrated because I feel like there is nothing I can do. Human resources doesn't do there job and anything you say to them they repeat to just about anybody even though it is supposed to be confidential. The CEO is a nice man and he wants to make sure his employees are happy. At a managers meeting he asked the manager's if their people were happy and only one had the guts to say no! Everyone is afraid for their job. I would love to walk into the CEO's office (I almost did this morning) and tell him what's really going on and how people are being treated. This used to be such a great place to work.
My former boss who was great, is being pushed out by the new a**holes and basically has had all responsibilities taken away from him. He has never done anything to warrant this. It's so sad since he helped build this company and has been there since day one. When I started 3 1/2 years ago he was the only engineer and worked 12-14 hour days. Sometimes more. What have I learned from this? That some people in business only care about the business and not the PEOPLE who help keep the business going. I know I can never have this kind of job again because I can't watch how people are treated...

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