September 2012 Archives

Flag Momento

Paige Brummer brought an svg image of an American Flag, which she then used the digital embroidery machine to sew. She folded it in the traditional triangle, and made a little memento box for it using the laser cutter to etch the compass on the top. Together, these items look great! She took it one step farther and scanned the embroidery in order to make a digital print which she incorporated into an untitled painting displayed next to the memento box.

Flag Memento.jpg Flag in painting.jpg

Hand shape stickers

Sarah Morgan did an awesome project last year through the MAW class, in cooperation with a group of Global Studies students. Using the white vinyl and the vinyl cutter, she created handprints that attendees at the event were able to write on and color with their own designs! The event was called Huria for Syria.


My Mother's Journey in the Vietnam War by Gao Hli Yang

Gao used the digital embroidery machine in the eStudio to create a Hmong story cloth showing the story of her mother's journey during the Vietnam War. She developed the embroidery file from a colorful photoshop document. She imported this as a jpeg image and then filled the color blocks with stitch commands and textures that supported the story and subject of the piece. This piece was especially successful because of the care Gao put into selecting her color palette. The lower density of stitches on the path allows a very nice graceful under- layer to become apparent. She still has to cut some of the jump stitches and add some print transfer black text, but this picture shows some great possibilities of the digital embroidery machine! My Mother's Journey in the Vietnam War.jpg