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3D Printer- coming soon

Several students have been hard at work making the 3D printer communicate with the computer, and vice versa. In the past few weeks, it has gotten a lot closer, though the z axis movement seems to still be out of sync. Stay tuned for more info, or email us to get involved in the project!

Visiting Artist CB Sherlock and materials testing

Beginning a low-density residency/partnership with the eStudio, local book artist CB Sherlock has been testing various materials and processes in the eStudio, including embroidery on book cloth, and using the vinyl cutter to cut out prairie grass images. On the Ugo paper, a wonderfully receptive plastickey printing surface, the vinyl cutter tended to etch but didn't always make it all of the way through, resulting in "light drawing" when we held the pieces up to the light:

Light drawing.jpg

cutting cbsherlock.jpg

Check her art out at her website or at the MCBA!

New signage

New signage is up outside of our door, hopefully to match the wonderful new xyz lab signs leading to the laser cutter and cnc router room in the East building. It's a little rough, but shows the seams that the ultrasonic welder can make...and hopefully answers any questions new visitors might have!

New sign.jpg

About the eStudio.jpg

New Semester: Spring 2013

We're super excited to be back in the eStudio! Quote of the day yesterday was "the e could really stand for anything...I like to think it stands for exciting!" (Thanks Jenny!)

Newly installed this semester we have a roll of drafting paper..:

Drafting Paper Roll.jpg

...and we have a corkboard for a rotating gallery of examples at the embroidery machine!

Cork Board.jpg

By next week we should have extra hours posted, but for now it's Tue Wed Thur from 10-4.

Didactics- visual tactile example library

Next semester look for new materials on display to help understand exactly what the machines might do to your images.

email with any suggestions!

Embroidery didactics

End of the Semester

We remain busy as students finish up their projects: Gao Hli Yang used the ironing board and iron to make 22 little cloth transfer drawings, one for each of her classmates!

Tiny Transfers.jpg

Peeling the Transfer.jpg

Lotsa Transfers.jpg

updated drivers and perfect aspect ratio!

All of our computers now look like a million dollars! This affects the digital embroidery computer, the vinyl cutter computer, and the 3d imaging computer.