December 19, 2006

Wrong Answer

I have been to a few military recruiting posts in my day, and I cannot imagine anyone every being turned down by them. Kids walk in, presumably of their volition, and get told some line about how much money they can earn for college. Recruiters say lots of stuff. In fact, the sailors I knew who had been stationed at recruiting depots would do just about anything, so they told me, to get some kid to sign on the bottom line. Recruiters would enlist pets if they could. I am getting to my point.

With this article the New York Times announces President Bush's plan to augment the number of military personnel, specifically the Army and Marines. So, if recruiters aren't achieving their enlistment goals now, where do you think the proposed new soldiers will come from? It's cold in here: there's a bit of a draft.

Bush's new brain child attempts in the most egregious manner to solve a reducible set of problems. More troops = escalation. Not a good idea. Why not work to reduce the number of strains on the military? (A complicated matter, I know) And the Democrats are behind this plan, which boggles my mind. They've been calling for this for years, they say. Forget about the 41 million Americans without health care, we need to spend money augmenting the military? I don't follow.

Again, it's up to us. Ponder this issue. Decide if you think an ever larger military is really what we need. Call or write your senators and let them know; here's how.

- MjE

Posted by ethe0008 at December 19, 2006 9:12 PM