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Why I will remember operant conditioning from psychology

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Operant conditioning is learning controlled by the consequences of the organism's behavior. The things that we can do in order to train animals using operant conditioning are amazing. This can be used to make animals perform actions that they would never normally do. I will remember this because I will be reminded of it constantly when seeing pets and the animals in shows. It is amazing to me how this can show how we learn things without being conscious about it. The way that Sea World trains animals is a great example of this. They train various sea creatures to do things that are outside of their normal functions. I remember the first time that I saw a Sea World show in San Diego. It was one of the most memorable times in my life. It was so cool to see the killer whales doing all of their tricks. Now I know how the trainers get the animals there to perform these tasks and I will never forget this. Operant conditioning is to me the easiest thing to see the implications of in real world psychology. I will remember the psychology behind the amazing feats that animals accomplish every time I go to Sea World.

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