Intelligence in the Media

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In the media intelligence tends to be associated with people who are socially awkward and have poor communication skills. The media tries to portray smart people as nerds with no friends while the athletic jocks are dumb and have a lot of friends. This can be seen in the movie Superbad where the smart kids Evan and Mclovin who are committed to attend college at Dartmouth are socially awkward and not popular among their peers. Through the textbook and other resources I have learned that there are intelligence tests that test social intelligence along with other tests of intelligence. This has shown that intelligent people often aren't socially awkward like they are portrayed as in high school and college movies. There are some instances however where people are too smart and have trouble associating with other people because they feel superior. This is actually portrayed well in the movie The Social Network, the character of Mark Wahlberg in this movie feels that he is smarter than everyone including his best friend and as a result has trouble establishing real relationships. I actually feel like the media does a good job of portraying this types of people.