September 13, 2005

Child Psy, Team Char.tics..

Characteristics that are found within the field of Child Psychology are mostly the shared leadership, a participating environment, and enthusiasm about the matter at hand in order to fully address families, children, and adolescents’ needs. For example, a team within this field today, the South Hennepin Child Protection Study Team, which are a combination of community members, schools, public health and other human services providers who came together to study and identify community-based responses for dealing with issues of child abuse and neglect. Members of this team equally have the common goal to maintain a clear focus on the safety and well being of children. Yet in general, within the group itself, characteristics may also include, demonstrating respect, having constructive conflict, motivation to problem solve, and the realization that “two heads are better than one.”

Proverbs 14: 29 He that is slow to anger is great in understanding.........

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