October 12, 2005

My Most Feared Group Role!

Controller? Blamer? Distracter? Ghost? Pleaser? Well none of these roles really sound likes anything that I would want to be within a group, so I a way I guess I fear them all. But to be specific I would most of all fear to be the Blamer. From experience with working in groups the person/s that at the end of the project or assignment who claims they knew of a more successful way to get the job done, are really a bother. I never what to hold back what I thought could have made the group experience a success although I have done it in the past as a ‘pleaser.’ This role I worry about because as I mature and become more assimilated into the adult world group decisions, interactions, and plans are going to be more serious and have a greater impact on others. Thus becoming a blamer and having no group identity or integrity will no guarantee success for me or those I work and come in contact with. I can steer clear of this role in future groups simply by applying the things learned from this Group Process class, as well as taking into account that I am always apart of the group that I am in and that my input counts and is essential to the groups healthy function.

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